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CE Approved Garage Doors

Amarr offers CE approved garage doors.  CE approved doors are primarily sold in Europe.

What is a CE approved garage door?

In simple terms, a CE marking is a safety declaration by the manufacturer that a product has passed specific safety standards or directives set by the European Union. In order to receive CE approval, Amarr products were successfully tested in Europe by an approved testing facility. Countries within the EU mandate garage door vendors to carry & install only CE approved products.
Sectional overhead doors fall under the Construction Products Directive EN13241-1 which provides the prescriptive and performance requirements for which garage doors must comply.  Manufacturers who meet these requirements may apply a CE label to their products. Amarr has upgraded specific hardware components and added safety devices in order to pass and receive CE approval. All CE approved doors sold by Amarr include a CE label per specific EN requirements.

Which Amarr models are CE approved?

The following garage door models manufactured by Amarr Garage Doors have specific upgraded hardware components to conform with EN 13241-1:2003 Industrial, Commercial and Garage Doors and Gates- Product Standard when installed per drawings:

Available Residential Products:
Amarr Classica
Amarr Oak Summit
Amarr Heritage
Amarr Stratford

Available Commercial Products:
Amarr 1000*
Amarr 1380
Amarr 2000*
Amarr 2400*
Amarr 2500*
Amarr 2700*
* Doors must be at least 2.5 meters tall.

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