Trendy California Brewpub Opens Up with Aluminum Full View Doors

Karl Strauss Brewing Company – Anaheim, CA

What do you get when you mix a brewpub, a satellite brewery, industrial design, and baseball? You get the trendy and exciting Karl Strauss Brewing Company (KSBC) located in Anaheim, California! Located in a recently renovated office park, the new KSBC location is within walking distance of major league baseball’s Angel Stadium of Anaheim (home to the Los Angeles Angels). This location has become one of KSBC’s most successful ones.

Six exterior and two interior Amarr 3552 Heavy-Duty Aluminum Full View doors helped meet KSBC-Anaheim’s challenge of establishing operable wall solutions to provide flexible on-demand access to natural lighting, air ventilation, and an amazing view of Angel Stadium.

Matching the design
KSBC locations are notorious for having an industrial look. From the building’s glass shell design to the stainless-steel fermentation tanks inside the brewery, the Amarr 3552 doors (seen here with frosted glass) fit in well with both the interior and exterior designs.

Flexible space
The six Amarr 3552 doors on the outside of the KSBC-Anaheim building allow the interior to transform into an open-air patio, another hallmark of KSBC locations.  The exterior doors feature clear, green-tinted glass that, when closed, still allow natural light to flow inside the building.  The two Amarr 3552 doors inside feature frosted glass – when these doors are closed, parties can be hosted with privacy.

Amazing views
Patrons of KSBC-Anaheim no doubt appreciate the outside Amarr 3552 Aluminum Full View doors at nighttime. With these doors up or down, the views of Angel Stadium are amazing. They can sip their brews while gazing at the illuminated stadium, perhaps either before a game or on their way home.

It’s easy to see why KSBC-Anaheim has become so popular in its area. For more information on this KSBC project, visit our case study page on!

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Amarr 3552 Full View Doors Take Office Building to the Next Level

The MOVE Office Building – Castle Rock, Colo. Photo (c) Nick Lucey

Natural ventilation and scenic panoramas aren’t always associated with office buildings.  The creators of the MOVE office building in Castle Rock, Colorado, however, wanted just that.  Completed mid-summer 2016, The MOVE is one of the only multi-story office buildings with Amarr Aluminum Full View Doors on the upper level floors.

The project goal for architects was to maximize air ventilation and light, two key components of LEED calculation.  The 16 creatively-positioned Amarr 3552 Aluminum Full View doors did just that.

Conducive Environment

The semi-arid climate and mostly sunny days in Castle Rock is perfect for opening up doors during the working hours.  The Amarr 3552 full view doors were purposefully positioned on the sides of the building that have the best views of the surrounding cityscape and rugged scenery.

Opening up Common Areas

A frequent strategy for utilizing interior aluminum full view garage doors is to maximize space in shared areas.  The MOVE’s several common areas, as well as smaller gathering areas and conference rooms, all feature an Amarr 3552 door.  Each door opening features a mesh screen barrier as a safety barrier, allowing employees and visitors of the local businesses to pull up a stool next to the wood plank bars that span each opening without fearing that any items on top of the bar (laptops, plates, coffee mugs, etc.) may slide forward and crash onto the sidewalks below.

Lots of Natural Lighting

The Amarr 3552 Aluminum Full View doors allow natural light to easily penetrate the office spaces whether the doors are open or closed.  The clear glass also allows interior lighting to shine through when the doors are open, keeping the spaces well lit throughout the day.

This innovative office building has enhanced the Castle Rock area, and even encouraged businesses to stay local rather than relocating.  The Amarr 3552 doors are one of the building’s several crown jewels.

To learn more about The MOVE, visit our case study page on!

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Amarr Horizon HO1000 Featured on Property Brothers: Brother vs. Brother

An Amarr Horizon HO1000 Aluminum MultiView garage door was featured in the season 6 finale of HGTV’s “Property Brothers: Brother vs. Brother.”  The show features the popular “Property Brothers” Drew and Jonathan Scott purchasing and renovating real estate, then competing against each other to see whose home sells for the most profit.  The profits are then donated to a charity.  The sixth season was filmed in the San Francisco Bay Area, a real estate market that the brothers had not yet explored.

The Horizon door with black anodize frames and frost glass was installed on Jonathan’s contemporary “Hilltop House.”  The theme of Jonathan’s house was sustainability, featuring energy-efficient solar panels, a rain garden, and a “living wall” in the family room.  In addition to providing much-desired curb appeal and complementing the home’s modern façade, the Aluminum MultiView garage door also increases the amount of natural light in the garage, fitting in well with the sustainable theme.

Property Brothers Hilltop House with Amarr Horizon garage door

Sustainable “Hilltop House” with an Amarr Horizon garage door by HGTV Property Brothers Jonathan Scott

Installed by Amarr dealer RW Garage Doors, the garage door features long, narrow expanses in equal widths with no center vertical stile (available on doors up to 8’2” wide) for unobstructed views.  The frost glass provides privacy while allowing more natural light to enter the garage.

To watch the season finale of “Brother vs. Brother” and see the result of the competition, visit to watch on-demand with your television provider login at any time.

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Entrematic Mocksville Facility Hosts Safety Celebration

Last week, our manufacturing facility in Mocksville, North Carolina hosted a Safety Celebration to congratulate and thank employees for one full year without a lost-time safety accident!  Employees enjoyed a catered lunch and received gift bags.  Entrematic Executives also attended the celebration to personally thank our great employees in Mocksville.  Congratulations again to the Mocksville team!

The Mocksville team is proud of their safety record!

Thank you to our great employees in Mocksville for their commitment to safety.

The employees received gift bags as a thank you for their commitment to safety.

A catered lunch was provided to the Mocksville manufacturing team to celebrate their safety record.

Team Members enjoyed a catered lunch as part of the celebration.

Mocksville team members enjoyed a well-deserved lunch provided by management.

A great time was had by all at the Mocksville Safety Celebration!

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Recap: 10 Hottest Amarr Products from IDA EXPO 2018

Entrematic Booth - IDA Expo 2018

The International Door Association (IDA) Expo 2018 was held last week in Las Vegas, Nevada from April 26-28, and the Entrematic booth was full of new and exciting Amarr products!  Looking for a product roundup?  Here is a recap of the ten hottest Amarr products from the Entrematic booth:

40'2" Amarr commercial doors hardware

  1. 40’2” Wide Doors in Amarr 2042 & 2742
    Perfect for the agriculture industry segment, these energy-efficient polyurethane insulated steel Amarr commercial doors are now available in up to 40’2” widths.

Product Highlights:
– Specially-designed 8” trusses
– Proprietary hinge saddle roller carrier system, designed to minimize stress on the end hinges
– 5/8” long stem rollers for superior strength and longevity

Amarr KnockOut impactable door

  1. Amarr 6632 Impact KnockOut Door
    This versatile and cost-effective impactable door is designed to flex and withstand moderate to severe damage to panels and track when impacted. Perfect for warehouses with busy loading docks.

Product Highlights:
– 2” thick insulated foam core panel with damage resistant polymer interior facing
– Tight perimeter weather seal eliminates air infiltration and light gaps
– Heavy-duty steel track with retractable plungers allows door to release from track upon impact

Amarr Horizon HO100 MultiView

Amarr 3582 MultiView door

  1. Aluminum MultiView Sectional Doors
    The new Amarr Horizon HO1000 residential Aluminum MultiView door and Amarr 3582 commercial Aluminum MultiView door feature wide glass expanses and sleek horizontal lines for a contemporary, modern look.

Product Highlights:
– 2” thick extruded aluminum frame
– Equal glass heights in all sections of a door
– Single glass expanses up to 8’2” wide with no vertical center stile on 8’ wide doors
– ClearView Strut System for non-restricted viewing area
– Available in anodize aluminum, PVDF/Powder Coat (paint) colors, RAL and custom colors

Amarr 2742 Color Zone

  1. Amarr Color Zone
    Let your inner designer free and customize the color of your Amarr residential or commercial steel garage doors.

Product Highlights:
– More than 500 Sherwin-Williams SnapDry™ factory-applied paint colors
– Chosen color is applied as a top coat to Amarr pre-painted, galvanized steel sections to add one more layer of protection from the elements
– Available on all Amarr residential or commercial steel sectional doors, except Amarr Carriage Court

Amarr Mosaic Window Options

  1. Mosaic Window Options
    Mimic contemporary style by choosing the window placement on any Amarr traditional steel garage door with Mosaic window options.

Product Highlights:
– Place short or long panel windows in any standard position on any section of an Amarr traditional steel garage door
– Available with Clear, Obscure, Frost or Dark Tint glass
– Available in Amarr Olympus, Heritage, Stratford or Lincoln collection garage doors
– Available with Short, Long, Flush or Ribbed Panel designs

Amarr Charcoal Gray

  1. Charcoal Gray
    Sophisticated and dramatic, our newest color Charcoal Gray is on trend with dark colors being used more in home design.

Product Highlights
– Available in Amarr Classica, Lincoln, and Hillcrest residential garage door collections

Amarr frost glass

  1. Frost Glass
    Frost glass, a new glass option for Amarr residential steel garage doors, provides more privacy for garage doors with windows, and better match windows on some homes’ façades.

Product Highlights
– Available on all residential steel collections except Amarr Carriage Court

Amarr dark tint glass

  1. Dark Tint Glass
    Dark tint glass, another new glass option for Amarr residential steel garage doors, follows the trend of dark colors on homes and complements dark garage doors well, such as the also newly introduced Amarr Classica garage door in black.

Product Highlights
– Available on all residential steel collections except Amarr Carriage Court

Amarr 860 opener

  1. Amarr Residential Garage Door Openers
    Amarr 860 (shown above) and Amarr 840 Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Openers were a hit at the Entrematic booth.

Product Highlights:
– Bright LED workspace lighting with 6 dimmable settings
– Quiet belt operation
– Secure control through the Entrematic smart phone app (available for iOS or Android)
– Automated control based on travel path
– Voice control through home smart speakers like Amazon Echo or Google Home

Amarr Polyurethane options

  1. Amarr Commercial Polyurethane Insulated Steel Doors
    Our wall showcasing Amarr commercial polyurethane insulated options was one of the most popular features of the Entrematic booth! Highlighting new and improved products, Entrematic’s commercial polyurethane line will include thickness options for every project in 2018.

Product Highlights:
– New tongue & groove profile
– Improved thermal break
– Upgraded bottom seal
– Air infiltration options for IECC/Title 24 requirements (available late 2018)
– Amarr 2743 – 3” thick option (available late 2018)
– Amarr 3040 – 1” thick option (available late 2018)
– Amarr 2747 – 1-5/8” thick versatile replacement section (available late 2018)

IDA Expo 2018 Entrematic booth

Entrematic, along with Linear/Nortek Control, hosted an Amarr Dealer Appreciation Event during the IDA EXPO at Omnia Nightclub on the Las Vegas strip.  Thank you to all of the 150+ dealers for joining us for our event!

Omnia Dealer Event
Omnia Dealer Event

For more photos of the Entrematic booth and Dealer Appreciation Event, visit us on Facebook.  See you next year in Indianapolis at IDA EXPO 2019!

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Trend Alert: Gray and Black Garage Doors

One of the latest home exterior design trends is utilizing dark colors.  Dark colors provide a dynamic, refined look to a home’s façade, grab the eyes of passersby, and increase curb appeal!  This trend also complements the modern industrial trend in home design.

Colors like charcoal gray and black are great for adding pops of dark color to a home’s trim, shutters, entry doors and garage doors.  Below are ideas of how to capitalize on this color trend for your garage doors!

Charcoal Gray

Amarr Classica - Charcoal Gray

Dark colors like charcoal gray are very popular on home exteriors.  Dark gray colors complement almost all stone and siding, along with most neutral exterior colors with cool undertones.  Charcoal gray also works well with the currently popular rustic design trend.  This home looks great with an Amarr Classica collection garage door with Lucerne panel design in charcoal gray.

Amarr Oak Summit - Charcoal Gray

Victorian-style, gothic architecture often includes dark colors, so this Amarr Hillcrest collection garage door with recessed panel design in charcoal gray complements the dark gray alcove accent above the garage, as well as the roofing and second-floor siding.  It also contrasts well with the white columns and window trim.

Amarr Lincoln - Charcoal Gray

Charcoal gray plays well with other grays, too.  This home has several exterior features in different shades of gray, and the Amarr Lincoln collection short panel garage door with dark tint windows adds depth to the lighter gray façade.


Amarr Olympus - Black

Black home exterior elements, including garage doors, became popular with modern, contemporary home design.  The color black lends an air of sophistication to the exterior of a home, especially when juxtaposed with light colors.  This home’s curb appeal is increased by a stylish black Amarr Olympus collection garage door with short panel design.  A traditional short panel garage door in black puts a new, unexpected twist on a classic!

Amarr Heritage - Black

The black, long panel Amarr Heritage collection garage door on this home utilizes Amarr Mosaic Window Options to mirror the style of the home’s modern-looking entry door.

Amarr Classica - black

An Amarr Classica collection garage door with Bordeaux panel design in black stands out against the stone exterior of this home.  The large Seine windows mimic the shape of the window to the left of the door, too!

Want to see what your home would look like with a trendy, dark color garage door?  Visit the Amarr Door Designer and upload a photo of your home to find out!

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A Northern California Garage Expands Into a Multipurpose Family Studio

By Brenna Malmberg, Houzz

A family of four in Marin County, California, needed a dedicated space to host guests and work from home. Previously, the couple would offer up their own bedroom for guests and then camp out on an air mattress in the living room, which also included a makeshift home office. With the help of architects and designers, the family turned part of their garage into a backyard studio to meet these needs and more. “We have a beautiful space that suits a broad and diverse set of needs that are different every week,” says homeowner Cecily Mak.

Photos by Ramsay Photography

Forest Studio

Studio at a Glance
Who uses it: Cecily and David Mak; their children, Xander, 9, and Tenzin, 5; and their guests
What happens here: Cecily uses the upstairs as an office. Xander likes to do projects and homework here. The family hosts parties in the space, which also serves as a guest house.
Location: Mill Valley, California
Size: 910 square feet (85 square meters)
Designer: Zeitgeist Sonoma

Once the structure was built, the Zeitgeist Sonoma design team came in to help the family define the space. “It was a beautiful shell,” says Jessica Wichmann, interior designer at Zeitgeist Sonoma. “We wanted to respect the architecture and make it a cohesive environment where they support one another and show each other off.” They also wanted to honor and acknowledge the fact that the studio sits in a redwood grove.

The studio has a garage and music room on the lower level.

Forest Studio

A staircase leads up to a small seating area on the second floor. Guests can chat here and enjoy the California weather.

Forest Studio

The door opens to a large space that includes a bedroom loft, office, kitchen, seating area and bathroom (not shown). Wichmann designed the lighting, from overhead to task lighting, to accommodate the multiple functions.

At the back of the studio, an in-place ladder leads up to the sleeping loft. A skylight above the bed offers grand views of the nature overhead. “My husband and I have even had our own ‘nights away’ from time to time, enjoying the peace and quiet of the bright room and view of the redwood trees upon awakening,” Cecily says.

Paint: White Dove in flat finish (walls) and satin finish (trim), Benjamin Moore; flooring: Castle Combe West End, USFloors

Forest Studio

In the kitchen area, a live-edge slab of walnut acts as a countertop. Along the wall, two walnut shelves offer storage for cups and other items used for entertaining. These choices were influenced by the surrounding environment, Wichmann says.

This space came alive during the couple’s 10-year anniversary party — one of their most memorable events in the studio thus far. The Shanghai 1930-themed night included lanterns, finger food, cocktails made by a bartender behind the walnut peninsula, and more than 100 guests in Chinese-themed attire. The studio was “spilling over with our favorite people from near and far,” Cecily says.

Custom walnut slab: Colleen Smith of California Wood Studioscountertop: Pure WhiteCaesarstone; wall tile: Dimensional collectionHeath Ceramics

Forest Studio

The small alcove naturally created a great workspace for Cecily and the children, Wichmann says. Cecily can also avoid her commute through San Francisco and spend extra time with the kids when they come home from school.

Forest Studio contemporary-home-office

In the seating area, Wichmann says they chose to highlight the steel beam because it was a cool feature of the space. Beyond the beam, a large window lets the family and guests take in the redwood views and see out into the neighborhood.

Room of the Day: Forest Studio

This plan shows the measurements of the space, and it outlines extra details, such as the white quartz countertop around the sink and the recessed lighting above the workspace.

Forest Studio

David uses the music room on the bottom floor for recording and practice sessions. Cecily also says he stores other gear, such as golf clubs, in the space.

The music room doesn’t directly connect to the floor above. You have to walk out and around to the stairs to get to the top floor.

Architect: Lars Langberg Architects

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What part of this space would you like to integrate into your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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8 Inspiring Garages Trending Today

By Brenna Malmberg, Houzz

If you’re looking for garage ideas, specifically garage door materials and features, check out the 8 most popular garage photos added to Houzz from April through June 2017, as measured by the number of people who saved them to their Houzz ideabooks during that period.

  1. Fold and go. Bifold doors work for this Kyoto, Japan, garage. While not a traditional option, these outward folding doors have fewer moving parts than a more traditional overhead, electronically lifted garage door and usually can be operated more quickly. They aren’t for everyone though. Consider if you have enough floor space for them to operate.
  1. Wooden beauties. Instead of one large door, this Russian home has two wooden garage doors, complete with a light above each door. The parallel structure continues with the two separate dark driveway patches that lead up to this wood farmhouse.
  1. Copper-clad entrance. These Phoenix-area homeowners didn’t overlook the garage. Instead, they made it the largest room in the house, says Mark Sever, architect and general contractor at Sever Design Group Architects. From the outside, copper-clad garage doors greet the owners and guests. Sever says they chose this garage door material because it could withstand the Arizona desert heat. Beyond the doors, a four-car garage boasts shiny floors (finished in two colors of metallic epoxy paint), custom lighting, and, perhaps most important, air conditioning.
  1. Big enough for the bikes. A set of doors slide open to reveal a long, skinny garage in Japan. The garage sits right off the main entrance, giving this Japanese family easy access to their motorcycles and bikes. The family also didn’t try to hide the garage away from the rest of their home. Instead, one side of the garage is a large glass panel, making the garage and everything inside it visible when inside the home.
  1. A living car shelter. “Garages tend to be dark, cluttered, tight and dingy,” says Shane Pavonetti, principal at Pavonetti Architecture. “We wanted to rethink the negative qualities of garages and correct them.” At this Austin, Texas, home, that idea meant a carport with a growing wall. Pavonetti used wood and wire to create the side of the carport and then planted jasmine that will eventually grow all the way up to the roofline. Jasmine was chosen because it is evergreen in Texas, providing constant greenery and shade. Plus, it grows quickly and blooms for an extended period of the year. “Not only will air and light flow through this garage,” Pavonetti says, “but it will have a scent of vacation.”
  1. Southwestern feel. A large expanse of paved brick driveway leads up to a garage of dappled bricks and copper doors. Throw in spotlighted cacti and you have all the makings of a great Southwestern exterior, all in one part of the home: the garage.
  1. Driveway reflections. Highlight the exterior of your home by using a reflective material on your garage doors. This shine bounces around the lush green grass and turns an everyday home feature into a large piece of art.
  1. Parking on the farm. A garage fit for a farm proudly stands alongside a Richmond, Virginia, home. It offers spots for multiple cars, and you can also drive right on through if you open all the barn doors. If you’re looking to give your home a farmhouse feel, this garage will definitely accomplish that.

Why You Should Consider Barn Doors in Your Design
More Garages Trending on Houzz

Which garage is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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2018 Cost vs. Value Report: Garage Door Replacement #1 Project for Return on Investment

If you’re looking to increase your home’s value, look no further than a new garage door.  A new garage door can be a great way to increase a home’s curb appeal, but according to the Remodeling 2018 Cost vs. Value Report (, it’s also the #1 project for return on investment, recouping an average of 98% of its investment cost upon the sale of a home!


The annual Cost vs. Value Report by Remodeling magazine ranks the top home improvement projects by highest percentage of cost recouped when the home is sold.  Garage door replacement ranks as the top project with the highest return on investment!

Consider a new garage door for your next home improvement project and increase your home’s value and curb appeal.

Click here to read the entire 2018 Cost vs. Value report.

Statistics © 2018 Hanley Wood, LLC. Complete data from the Remodeling 2018 Cost vs. Value Report can be downloaded free at

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An Old Garage Transforms Into a Gorgeous Guesthouse

By Becky Harris, Houzz

Santa Monica Garage conversion transitional-garage

Photos by Jack Bremen 

Guesthouse-Media Room at a Glance
What happens here: A family enjoys watching movies, making popcorn, entertaining friends and hosting overnight guests.
Location: Santa Monica, California
Size: About 450 square feet (42 square meters)
Designers: Essi Safdie and David Veltman of Spazio LA

Looking at this room now, you’d never guess two cars used to sit in here. This screening lounge-guesthouse is about half of what was originally a four-car garage with a little extra room beyond that. Working with the design-build pros at Spazio LA, the homeowners left room for two cars in one part of the garage and converted the remaining half into living space. The converted portion includes a comfortable screening room, a bar, a bathroom and a Murphy bed. The new glass doors on the left lead to the backyard and main house.

Ceiling fan: Minka Aire, Lamps Plus

Santa Monica Garage conversion transitional-garage

The space has modern farmhouse style. The new ceilings are covered in shiplap accented by reclaimed wood beams. The retractable projection screen is surrounded by custom built-ins with sliding barn doors that hide equipment and storage areas.

Santa Monica Garage conversion transitional-garage

Behind the sofa, designer Essi Safdie made the most of the corner, tricking it out as a bar-kitchenette. The upper cabinets have chicken wire grilles instead of wood or glass. There’s also a sink, wine refrigerator and regular refrigerator. The counters are quartzite, and the backsplash is subway tile in a herringbone pattern.

This shot gives us a good look at the flooring, which is engineered oak, an apt choice for a garage with a concrete floor. It is glued directly onto the concrete. These kinds of floors come finished, and this one has a weathered look with a hint of gray to match the light gray walls.

Santa Monica Garage conversion transitional-garage

Over to the right of the built-ins, the family has a free-standing popcorn machine for movie nights. The photo below is a close-up of the paneling seen on the right side of the photo, which conceals a Murphy bed. To the right of the Murphy bed is wardrobe storage.

How to Add a Murphy Bed

Santa Monica Garage conversion transitional-garage
Santa Monica Garage conversion transitional-garage

The three-paneled doors with crystal knobs also lend a modern farmhouse look.

Santa Monica Garage conversion transitional-bathroom

So do the bathroom’s shiplap walls, rustic wood vanity, glass and bronze pendant lights and water pump-like faucet. All the fixtures are oil-rubbed bronze. The encaustic cement tiles add a lively pattern on the floor.

Mirror: Pottery Barn; vanity: Celebration vanity with semi-recessed sink, Signature Hardware; floor tile: Bordeaux III, Cement Tile Shop

Santa Monica Garage conversion transitional-bathroom

The curbless shower slopes down toward the infinity drain along the side wall. The infinity drain is tiled and thus almost invisible.

Shower head: California Faucets

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What’s your favorite part of this garage makeover? Let us know in the comments below!

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