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LEED Gold Case Study


Entrematic worked with a local architect (Kevin Blalock & Partners) to develop an energy-efficient door solution for the Salt Lake County Fleet Management facility to help them attain LEED Gold Certification.

Architect Kevin Blalock wanted to create a “Jiffy Lube on steroids” for the fleet maintenance mechanics. “This is their workspace and their playground” stated Blalock.

The result of the collaborative project was a highly durable, yet visually appealing commercial door combining Amarr 2042 triple-layer polyurethane insulated (R-value 19.4) steel sections with Amarr 3552 aluminum full view sections with ½” thick insulated glass. The three aluminum full view sections are placed at the ideal height to allow employees to clearly see maintenance vehicles entering and exiting the facility and contribute natural lighting to the interior workspace.

Amarr Commercial Doors - LEED Case Study